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Doratek OOD presents Project Management as service to its customers from experience since 1993 as a Construction Contractor.

In the 21st century the project design and control of a project is as important if not more than the application process of a construction project. Due to this fact investors would like to see their project being handled by the right Contractor who will make sure the construction process meets the quality standards through constant control and leadership. Doratek OOD controls and inspects the quality of the construction application through the

ITP (Inspection Test Protocol).

Doratek performs daily site checks, and prepares a report to the Employer which is delivered at the highest standards. 

Doratek OOD's Parent Company

VITOSHA was established in 2012 and operates in Iraq. 

Concentrating on general Construction and Logistical Services, this young and dynamic company benefits greatly from the vast experiences gained from the numerous background projects of its parent company which was established in Turkey in 1992.

The parent company enjoyed many successes during the period of 1992 to 1997, working concurrently on residential and commercial construction developments which were of particularly high spec in accordance with client requirements and demands. These high quality developments, which were completed on time and within budget, dramatically enhanced the companies' reputation and launched it Internationally as a favored, unique and reliable constructor of specialist projects, assuring quality,value and trust.

With these successes, the Company was invited to tender for specialist construction developments in Eastern Europe and in 1997 began working on a number of projects with varying scope which included residential, industrial and commercial construction in Kiev (Ukraine), Ashgabat (Turkmenistan), Astana (Kazakhstan) and Moscow (Russia).

In 2003, with the experiences gained in construction,sales and marketing abroad, the parent company established a division in Sofia (Bulgaria) for its own developments in Real Estate. Within the growing dynamics of the European Union and Bulgaria, the company concluded a number of prestigious projects such as residential developments, ski resort complexes, business centers and commercial.

Leading on from these continued successes and capitalizing on the expansion of employess, the Company VITOSHA came of age and sought markets further afield by establishing a foothold in Iraq and investing in the development of the countries infrastructure.

Currently, as a mature Company with a wealth of experience and a solid background of 21 years in construction , VITOSHA can boast of a number of prestigious projects, concluded with exemplary results thereby establishing itself as a popular and reputable constructor in Iraq.

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