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Doratek OOD offers a large portfolio of Services within its Project Management service. Including the Coordination of the field and HSE checks that it provides for its clients on the utmost discretion and quality. 


Doratek OOD has a highly experienced background working with some of the best engineers and architects in Bulgaria. Its parent companies have a diverse portfolio of operations in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Turkey.


Doratek OOD's Clients are of the highest value. Each client receives the personalized and professional service they deserve. Doratek OOD has a long history of work around the world thanks to its Parent Companies with over 25 years of expertise.


Doratek OOD was established in 2010 after its preceding parent companies that are currently operational on an international scale. One of these parent companies is Tual Ltd (1992), which has done many large-scale construction on highly PRESTIGIOUS projects in countries including; Russia, Turkmenistan, Turkey and Bulgaria. 


 In 2012 Tual Ltd took action to expand its operations into the Middle East as it saw vast business opportunities there. As a result Vitosha Construction was established with Tual Ltd as its parent company. Vitosha Construction has worked on many projects with multinational ENERGY companies, providing many services as contractor and project management.


Doratek OOD is a one-hundred-percent EU company currently operating in Bulgaria and its parent companies include the listed: Tual Ltd and Vitosha Construction. Doratek OOD is a company with great potential and is looking forward to the many opportunities and projects it will take to grow its presence in the Bulgarian economy. 


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